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Bannock County Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Festival

August 27-29 2015: Festival Website


Rickie Skaggs at the Sun Valley Pavilion on Labor Day.  More information

CD releases by a Association Bands

New Hotwire CD to be released soon. Click here to go to the web site and hear parts of the new CD.

JD Webb and the Downstate Ramblers: go to http://downstateramblers.homestead.com/ for more information


The Idaho Sawtooth Bluegrass Association
The purpose of the Idaho Sawtooth Bluegrass Association:
  • To preserve and promote Bluegrass as a tradition of our country,
  • To promote the education and the enjoyment of Bluegrass music,
  • To promote fellowship among all musicians and supporters who have a love for Bluegrass music, regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, or ability to play music.

Coming Idaho Bluegrass Events
(that we know about)

ISBA Fall Festival

Weiser, Idaho

September 18-20 2015

The Board is in the process of finalizing the details of the Fall Bluegrass festival in Weiser.  Events include:  open mike on Friday, bands on Saturday afternoon and evening, and gospel open mike on Sunday.  will be held at the Old Weiser Institute.  The address is 2235 Paddock Avenue Weiser, Idaho.  Information on reservation for camping spaces, the exact schedule,and names of the bands that  will appear will soon become available on this site -- next week after the board meeting on Tuesday the 4th of August.

As always there will be lots of jamming and indoor rooms to jam in if the weather is bad. 


For young musicians, there will be the "Young Musicians Showcase" on Saturday ending with a performance on Saturday evening.  Any young musician 18 and under is eligible to participate in the program.


When:  Saturday Sept. 19th

Where: Old Weiser Institude (Address Above)

Schedule: 9am to Noon  Lunch Break  1pm to 3  Performance Saturday evening at Slocum Hall.

Bring your instrument and join the fun!


Note from the Chairman of the Board

The ISBA Fall Festival in Weiser is only about 3 months away. The board of directors has been busy with preparations and plans to make the festival a quality event. Some changes will occur this year, aimed at reaching this goal.  The most noticeable change is in the festival dates. Labor Day weekend is being scrapped in favor of a weekend later in September. This year the festival will be held September 18 th through the 20 th . Lots of folks use Labor Day as their last camping weekend of the season.

We, (the board), believe this fact is part of the reason for low attendance by local residents. That is, people who are not pickers or ISBA members, but folks we need to bump up our attendance numbers. More people in attendance equals more money. More money equals hiring quality bands. Paying for bands to play at our festival leads to the subject of membership dues. We depend heavily on dues to fund the Kamiah Super Jam and the Fall Festival. Currently our paid membership stands at less than 75. That is really sad. Each one of us should remind our friends to make sure their dues are current. Each of us also should try to recruit 1 new member.

 Now, back to the festival. Last year we tried asking for donations for the band concerts in the Hooker Hall auditorium. This year we will be charging admission at the door. We will try to keep the fee reasonable (10 to 15 dollars for adults). The fee is needed to help pay for auditorium rental and cost for sound. Some folks have requested that we have more than 1 food vendor on the grounds and that it be something different than what we've had for the last 3 or 4 years. We are working on it.

The board members hope that the changes will result in a better, more enjoyable Fall Festival. If you have suggestions or wish to volunteer to help during the festival, please contact a board member to express your thoughts. Also, make your plans to attend and bring along some friends. Talk it up as much as you can.

Invite as many as you can to come join us and see what our festival is all about.



Check Out This Web Site

To see videos of most of the greatest Bluegrass performers that have ever taken the stage, check out this great video library by Carl Carlson from the SouthEast Bluegrass Association.

Great Bluegrass Videos


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